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Ross set up his own business in 2000 in order to better service a growing number of clients. The first client he worked for was JWT Sydney. Now he has a select group of clients he works with on a regular basis producing quality information graphics, illustration, design, photography and artwork for print and online delivery.
Regular contributions are also made to the world of magazine publishing in the form of bespoke illustration projects. Some of his clients include Pacific Publications here in Sydney and Condé Nast in London.

Some of the agencies Ross has worked with include JWT Sydney, Landini Associates, FCR, The Works Sydney, Radar Communications, Nitro, Maverick Marketing, Doppio Design, Precinct and more recently Pernod Ricard Australia.
Another passion is photography; a small sample of which is shown here. Ross is proud to be a founding member of The Type-hoes, championed by Mick Tonello, typographer, and is dedicated to preserving, through photography, the history of interesting typography remaining on buildings in Sydney.

Ross is a seasoned professional who can competently take a project from conception to implementation.

Contact Ross to discuss your specific needs on 0417 139 723 or send an email to studio@kenziedesign.com

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