Pureau Water

Magazine Advertising

Design and artworking project for Noble's Pureau Water. The project was art directed by Richard Mirabelli. The high end retouching and 3D imaging was created by Jonty Rumbold at Urban Monk.
Series of Artworks for Magazine Advertising Campaign

JWT Sydney

Various artworking

Freelancing at JWT Sydney for two years meant I had the opportunity to work on a number of prestigious client projects including ING Direct, Jaguar, Siemens, McWilliams, Mission Australia, Merial, Schick and Listerine. I also had the opportunity to work with typographer Mick Tonello on a two new typefaces for ING Direct and Thai Airways.

ING Direct mail campaign
ING Direct national press campaign
Jaguar X-TYPE promotion
Jaguar S-Type campaign
Siemens S35i press campaign
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