The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie

Garden Plan illustrations for the exciting new magazine.
Garden Plans for the Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie

JCDecaux Asset Maps

JCDecaux map illustrations showing asset coverage.
A series of maps needed to be developed for a print brochure showing the coverage offered by the JCDecaux's assets in various Australian capitals. Kenzie Design developed a style and merged several disperate sources of information to create a clear and consistent visual language across the range of illustrations.
Detail of Melbourne Transport Media Events Coverage map

Maps showing assets in Australian Capital cities

Transitways Maps and Diagrams

A series of 42 maps and diagrams for impact study.
In a joint project with Doppio Design we took the raw map and chainage information and styled the graphics using an agreed colour palette and typographic style sheets. The graphics where then used in the impact study document.
Transitway Landscape zones

Australian Diabetes Council

Series of illustrations for Australian Diabetes Council publications.

Two examples from a series of illustrations used to help explain health issues for the Australian Diabetics, comissioned by Doppio Design.

Mandarin Oriental Magazine

Map illustrations for Mandarin Oriental Magazine, comissioned by Condé Nast London.
Jakarta Map

ELLE Magazine – Readership Segments Diagram

Layered illustration showing market segments and magazine demographics.

The task here was to take a complex and confusing diagram and style it in a way that improved legibilty and help capture the essence of the magazine in the way that the information was presented. The illustartion was composed with several layers which enabled the presenter to switch on and off various levels of information allowing focus on a particular area of interest.
Detail of Segment Diagram
Segment detail
Segment Diagram, which could be separated out into layers of interest.
Segment diagram

Landini Associates – CHEP Corporate Identity Project

A major Corporate Identity project including digital manual.

This project took a year to complete with a core staff of three. Two examples of a typical page in the manual are shown here. Each item had to be designed and then the method for creating the design had to be explained in the manual so that all branded products could be implemented across a global organisation.
Construction of the Marque
Stationery – Upper Page Elements

Tourism NSW – Regional Maps

A series of 9 map illustrations to promote travel to regional NSW.
Tourism NSW required a new style for their regional map illustrations to create a visually consistent dialogue for use in a new range of travel brochures. Each map was designed to conform to column widths to thereby neatly fitting with the new brochure layout.
Byron Bay
Map series for Tourism NSW

Medical Illustration

Diagrams to show new hip replacement technology for inclusion in prospectus. Commmissioned by IDEAssociates.

The Kombi

A simple illustration of our beloved Kombi.


SingTel Prospectus

Illustration showing assets after acquisition comissioned by Langdon Withers.


Readers Digest

Series of illustrations
Readers Digest comissioned a series of illustrations to help visualise reader's dream inventions. We developed two styles - one metallic and robotic and the other a blue-print rendering of the mad concepts.
Gutter Pac Man and The Hammering Knife
pac man
Blueprint illustration of the Brain Saw

Australian Country Style magazine

A series of illustrations in each issue about exciting destinations and how to get there.

Flinders Island

Prospectus Projects

Some examples of maps and diagrams to be included in various prospectus projects.

Transmission Interconnectors
Pie Charts
Global Irrigation Areas
Infrastructure in Pilbara Region
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